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Indian Women calling for Extra Marital Affairs

Published on: Tuesday, 2nd June 2009 02:37 AM     By      Administrator

Source : Instablogs 

I would like to bring to your attention about the article written in Mid-Day online daily by deputy news editor, Jayita Bandyopadhyay, who openly confess about her friend and encourages others to engage in extra marital affairs. Is this applicable to all Husbands as well? There is no surprise in this news as far as the current social circumstances are concerned but when the matter comes to the court its always MEN who are getting punished where the actual perpetrators are proclaimed innocent!

"A friend from school called me up a month ago and gushed that she was having an extramarital affair.

Teenager-like, she almost shouted out about “the new man in her life” and breathlessly spoke about his “charms” for about an hour. “We are in love and sex is so exciting. He is so experienced and makes me feel like a princess,” she cooed, making “him” sound more like a dashing Mills and Boon’s hero rather than the 40-year-old, pot-bellied accountant that he was.

I was surprised and so were a few of our common friends. Surprised not because “another of us” was having an EMA (if I need to spell this out, you shouldn’t be reading this article) but because she, the plainest of all Janes, could have discovered a feeling so exhilarating! She, the one who got married at 22 and perpetually touted the “blessings of an arranged marriage with timely kids,” could hurl away her “settled life” for something so flimsy?
But we were wrong. It wasn’t flimsy.

Over the next two weeks, we saw her transform.

From a dowdy aunty, she turned into a “wow” wife. Printed salwar-kurtas gave way to trendy Western casuals (and for once she looked comfortable in them); regular walks flattened waist tyres; grey hair took on a pretty shade of burgundy and blue-grey contacts replaced thick glasses.

Her brains, too, seemed altered. She mouthed Lewinsky lines like, “What’s wrong in having sex with another man as long as your family is not neglected?” “What’s guilt?”

But what changed most remarkably was her businessman husband’s attitude towards her. He started noticing her (much more than what he had during the early days of their marriage). He flooded her with phone calls as she cooked dal, arrived home early to take her out for romantic dinners and even planned a mini-vacation (more romantic than their honeymoon in Shimla).

In another week, the accountant faded away. But my friend maintained her makeover. And her marriage rocked! “We have discovered love for the first timein our marriage. Sex is great,” was her latest gyan.

So, do we all need a controlled dose of EMA?"

Source : Instablogs