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Ashok Chakra Awards for Police Officers - It is Ridiculous -Instablog

Published on: Tuesday, 27th January 2009 02:02 AM     By      Administrator

The decision of the Government to confer Ashok Chakra to the Mumbai Police officer’s namely Mr Hemant Karkare, Mr Vijay Salaskar and Mr Ashok Kamte is nothing short of ridiculous.

Anyone who paid attention to the citations read out at the time of conferring the awards would admit that. The gallant action by the rest of the Award winners stood out for acts of gallantry. Incidentally, Ashok Chakra is conferred for ” Most conspicuous act of gallantry”. Where were the acts of gallantry exhibited in the case of the above mentioned officers. Were the awards conferred on the back of a wave of sympathy because these individuals laid down their lives? Or is it because they were there at the place of action despite being senior officers? To confer them with the nations highest gallantry award is to belittle the award and also humiliating all those who were awarded the same for genuine acts of gallantry going beyond legitimate call of duty.

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