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Promoting entrepreneurship in India

Published on: Tuesday, 13th January 2009 04:08 AM     By      Administrator


It’s a known fact that India, today, is an emerging economy that is destined to achieve milestones, on various fronts, in the near future.
However, for India, to acquire the status of a “developed” nation, it needs to create 100 million jobs, statistics point out!
Experts confirm, in an endeavour to achieve this mark, tapping the potential of the unemployed and exploring opportunities in the employment market, so that each and every person plays a crucial role in contributing towards the growth of the Indian economy is necessary. However, how can one create 100 million jobs? And the million-dollar question is which industry will absorb people and bridge the employment gap? While experts are busy contemplating the possibilities of the army, the railways, the government and the private sector to recruit, speculations about the difficulty in employing in such huge numbers continue to persist.
So, is there any solution to this problem? The answer is entrepreneurship! With several organisations understanding the importance of entrepreneurs and the ways in which they can create jobs for the unemployed, thus paving the way for an enriching economy, they are partnering with several expert bodies such as institutes, financial firms, etc. to foster all kinds of entrepreneurship- rural, ICT, social, etc.
Partners in growth
India has almost 300 million youth, but only 100 million jobs. Therefore, the country faces a 200 million employment gap. And Amy Christen, Vice President, Corporate Affairs & General Manager, Networking Academy Operations, Cisco Systems, Inc. believes that this gap can be bridged through self-employment and entrepreneurship-driven employment. 

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